Roto Molded Cooler 25L


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RECON Power Bikes is proud to offer our Recon 25 Liter Cooler that is designed to keep all of its contents cool for hours.

  • External Dimensions 56.6cm x 36 x 37.5 
  • Internal Dimensions 40.5cm x 20.2 x 27.5
  • Made with a continuous thick wall with minimal imperfections. 
  • Made to withstand rough terrain, bumps, and bruises

This Recon 25 Liter Cooler is the perfect ebike accessory. After all, on those long weekend trips, you need something to keep your lunch and drinks cool. Engineered to last a lifetime, these coolers for ebikes are easy to clean, a good size to hold food and drinks for your entire family, and look good. High-quality and built to last, this motorized mountain bike cooler comes ready to hit the road!

  • Fits perfectly inside the Recon Stealth Trailer. 
  • Available in tan color only. 

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