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UP TO 21 AH LG BATTERY AVAILABLE (Certified to UL Standard 2271)


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recon hummer ev ebike


The All New GMC HUMMER EV AWD Ebike features TWIN on Demand 750 watt motors, three driving modes, & up to a 21Ah Battery. The first SUPER EBIKE!
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recon ranger ebike

Recon Ranger EBike

The Ranger features a 1,000 watt mid drive, high torque, heavy duty motor, hydraulic disc brakes, and a smart LCD control panel.
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Recon Commando EBike

The Commando is powered by a rear hub drive 750 watt motor with 5 levels of pedal assist and a thumb throttle.
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recon stryker ebike

Recon Stryker AWD EBike

The Stryker features twin 500 watt on demand hub motors, hydraulic disc brakes and a smart LCD control panel.
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recon sortie ebike

Recon Sortie EBike

The Sortie is a step-through style frame that anyone can ride. Featuring a 750 watt rear hub motor both 5 levels of pedal assist and a thumb throttle.
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recon scout ebike

Recon Scout EBike

The Scout in our compact yet heavy duty folding bike with removable battery hidden in the frame. This little powerhouse has a 750 watt rear hub motor five levels of pedal assist and a thumb throttle.
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Electric Bikes are one of the hottest new products in the hunting and fishing world. With the versatility to go into remote locations with ease, along with the the stealth of a quiet electric motor. Don't let the lack of noise fool you though, our bikes are anything but weak. Featuring a 750-1,000 watt motor and a  48 volt lithium ion battery, you won't have any issues on a back country mission. Even recovering your game is made easy witht the  Recon Stealth Trailer. Conveniently carry your bow or rifle on our Firearms & Bow Holder. Check out our Ranger and Commando, perfect for backcountry riding and tough enough to go where large motorized vehicles can't.

Overlanding/Back Country Riding

Mountain Biking/Overlanding Ebikes

All of our bikes are built with a front suspension, fat boy puncture resistant tires, and Shimano gears making them ideal for Mountain Biking and Overlanding. From the deserts of Arizona to the rainforests of Alaska, Recon has been there and can handle the challenging terrain and weather conditions. Take your experience to the next level with our Military grade tried and tested Electronic Recon Bikes

RV Ebikes

Our Recon Electric Bikes are perfect for Camping and RVing. Load all of your camping gear on our Towable Trailer and Rack or Saddle Bags and find your perfect camping site. Or just running to the store from your RV. There is no terrain our Recon Power Bikes can't handle, whether you're riding on the beach or in the mountains, our Bikes can handle it all. With up to 50 miles pe charge, you can enjoy our bikes for your entire getaway.

Check out our Scout as well for easy storage and transportation. This beast folds up to easily and fits in a RV storage compartment, car trunk, backseat, or pickup bed. Weighing only 45 pounds, its perfect for your next camping or RVing trip.

Commuting & Urban

Daily Commuting & Urban Ebikes

Recon Power Bikes are perfect for city use and daily commuting. With speeds up to 20 mph and range up to 50 miles, being late to work should never be an issue. Great for your health and with no pollution. Explore the city with ease, great for sight seeing as well! 


National Parks & Public Land

Simon Cowell Dies On Recon Power Bike

National Park & Public Land Ebikes

E-Bikes are permitted in National Parks are super quiet, low impact and offer an unprecedented experience Explore like you never have before. Take the path less travelled on our Commando, Sortie, or easy to fold and transport Scout. Take the opportunity to see and do more with our All Terrain Power Bikes.

                   Beach & Lake Riding

Beach Ebikes

Recon Power Bikes are great for your beach or lake house get away. Enjoy, relax and get some exercise while exploring while on your weekend or summer holiday. 


         Yachting & Boating

Boating Ebikes

E-Bikes in general and especially our folding Scout make an excellent boating companion. When you arrive at port simply unfold at the dock and go. Take the opportunity to explore your destination or just get supplies with ease.


Trusted by the FBI, Military, Federal Agencies and Police Departments Nationwide

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All Terrain, Made Military Tough is not just a motto it is our Creed. We absolutely have created the most Heavy Duty Frame, Quality Components, Power, & Included Accessories for the MONEY!

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