Ideas for Your Next Ebike Vacation

Ideas for Your Next Ebike Vacation recon power bikes

Traveling with ebikes is super easy, especially if you have a folding ebike. Because of this many people want to take their electric bicycle on vacation with them. Luckily, there are many great places to visit that welcome folding electric bikes.

RECON Power Bikes offers the best electric bikes, including foldable electric bikes, for your needs. Our ebikes are made to take a beating, which is why they are popular amongst law enforcement. They feature a 4″ fat tire with puncture resistance, a solid and stable frame for stability, and a range of up to 50 miles between charges. RECON Power Bikes also offers a full line of ebike accessories so you can make your electric bike even more versatile. Below, we’ll offer up ideas for your next ebike vacation. Browse our best electric bikes, and order online today!



The quintessential summer activity that is enjoyed by millions of people. Camping is fun, exciting, easy, and affordable. Oftentimes, camping is close to your home, so you can leave after work on a Friday for a short drive and be set up for camp by nightfall for the weekend. By taking your folding electric bike camping, you’ll be able to hit some mountain trails in style, be comfortable, get in some great exercise, and see some great terrain. With RECON Power Bikes’ foldable electric bike, you’ll have a comfortable ride that is quiet and smooth. After a long day on your ebike, you can return to camp, start a fire, eat dinner, and then make s’mores for the perfect end to a fun-filled day. Browse RECON’s ebikes today!


RVing is another popular summer vacation that many people enjoy. There truly is not much to find wrong with RVing. After all, what could be more perfect than taking your home with you when you go on vacation? You have everything you need right at your fingertips, including a kitchen to cook in, a nice bed that suits you, and room to spread out. If you are looking to visit National Parks or just get away for the weekend, an RV fits the bill. Furthermore, an RV is the perfect vehicle to haul your folding electric bike. You’ll have plenty of storage space, and once you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is hop on your ebike, and off you go exploring. With RECON’s perfect ebike accessories, such as our Saddle or Rack Bags, you’ll be on your way to making memories to last a lifetime. Shop our electric bikes today!

The Beach

The beach is a perfect, relaxing vacation for those wishing to escape the hub-bub of their daily lives, and it’s a great place to bring your foldable electric bike. You can park your car, get out your ebike, and head towards the sound of the waves. You don’t have to worry about parking or causing any damage to the beach. You can bike into private little corners all your own for a true getaway. Find a secluded corner, park your ebike, and fall asleep to the soothing lull of the waves lapping the beach. Collect seashells, build sand castles, and catch up on a favorite read. The sky truly is the limit as you watch the sun sink in a beautiful display of colors. If you head to a beach resort town, there often is plenty of boardwalk or paved paths you can bike along to see the beautiful coastline and scenery. Beaches are wonderful places to while away your vacation time, enjoying nature at its finest.


Electric mountain bikes are great items to take with you on your next vacation. They are extremely versatile, able to be a primary means around packed tourist locations while you see the sights. They are environmentally-friendly, able to be charged with solar power cells. And they are great for getting exercise while relaxing with nature.

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