Flat Out with Kevlar – Dealer Pricing




FlatOut™ is a high-tech system of synthetic TangleTek™ fibers (including DuPont™ Kevlar®) and DamRight™ fillers in a carefully designed Never-Settle™ base fluid. When a puncture occurs, the escaping air carries FlatOut to the hole. The TangleTek fibers cling to the side of the puncture and form a “filter” which entraps the DamRight fillers. Together, they form a plug, which seals the leak instantly with almost no air loss. As the tire flexes under load, the fiber/filler mass compresses to form a dense plug. The process will repeat itself for each additional puncture.

NOTE: There is absolutely no drying, curing or chemical reaction taking place. FlatOut™ forms a mechanical/physical plug.

Also, the process is the same whether or not the penetrating object stays in the tire.

FlatOut™ seals up to 95% of punctures in the tread area of most tires (i.e., tubeless tires).

For tires that have inner tubes, including some lawn mower and wheelbarrow tires, FlatOut seals up to 70% of tread area punctures.

Effectively and rapidly seals large punctures

Effectively and rapidly seals slow leaks (leaks due to the tire’s natural porosity, leaks around the valve stem, bead leaks, etc.)

Single treatment lasts the life of the tire

Does not separate

Water washable



Tires can still be repaired

Freeze protected

Does not react with or damage tires

Does not react with or damage steel or aluminum wheels

Sets the standard for integrity