Mobile Folding Solar Panel




The new 120 watt portable folding Solar Panel will make it possible for you to charge your bike battery off the grid. Makes a great companion to your Recon E-Bike when Overlanding, Camping, Hunting or just seeking independence from the power grid. This panel will charge your battery depending on the size from 5-8 hours of full sun and shut off the power at 54.6 volts (a full charge for a 48V battery).  Includes MPPT solar controller capable of 300 watts, with a maximum charge current of 16.7A,  voltage of 12-50 volts, and a DC5521 connection on both ends.

Output: DC5521/USB 2.0/USB QC 3.0 18W/USB C  60W

Folded size: 14″ x  18.25″ x 1″

Open size: 56.5 x 18.25″ x .25″

Weight 8.4 lbs.