What is an E-bike?

what is an e-bike recon power bikes

E-bikes have grown in popularity almost since their inception. While the concept originated in the 1890s, it wasn’t until technology caught up to the concept that ebikes truly began to accelerate (pardon the pun).

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E-bike stands for electric bike. It features an electric motor that can be used while riding. E-bikes have rechargeable batteries that provide the power when you need them. What separates an e-bike from a motorcycle is the fact that an e-bike can still be pedaled, which, in fact, most people pedal their e-bikes most of the time and just use the power-assist option when they need it, such as when climbing a hill. E-bikes look just like a regular bicycle, handle like a regular bike, and pedal like a regular bike. You wouldn’t know they were an e-bike at times unless you knew what to look for.


An e-bike allows the rider to go longer and faster than a regular bicycle because you don’t tire out as easily when you’re biking all by yourself. You can choose to use the boost when you need it. Plus, you are more willing to travel further than you would otherwise, knowing you will have help on the way home. This can lead to an overall better biking experience and workout.


It’s important to note that e-bikes are meant to help you as you ride your bike, not replace you. If you wanted a motorized vehicle to get you from place to place, you would upgrade to a motorcycle or a car. Instead, e-bikes are meant to assist you in your travels. Typically, e-bikes feature a throttle or a boost option, and you are in control when you use the assist option. The motor, battery, and controls are all integrated seamlessly into the bike, which is why it’s hard for others to even know you are riding a battery bike.


RECON makes the best electric mountain bikes in the industry. These all-terrain e-bikes are engineered to withstand the toughest terrains, while being comfortable and user-friendly. From our folding electric bike, the RECON Scout to our Stryker AWD, you can expect to go over bumps, up hills, down gravel roads, and on the streets with ease. With speeds averaging between 20 and 30 miles per hour and 0% financing available, there’s truly no reason to not own one of these amazing electric assist bikes. The batteries on these battery-powered bikes are rechargeable and able to go for hours between charges. Most of our electric bikes for sale feature 4″ fat tires, disc brakes, and a lifetime warranty on the frame itself. Truly, there’s a lot to love about our motorized bikes.

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