Welcome to RECON Power Bikes!

Welcome to RECON Power Bikes! We are committed to bringing you the toughest ebikes on the market. We began providing electric bikes to law enforcement, including the FBI and federal and state law enforcement agencies. Our ebikes are built to withstand heavy-duty use and are built with the highest-quality materials to last. As a veteran-owned company, we believe in doing things with integrity and honor. Below, we’ll go over our best electric bikes for sale. Browse, and order yours today!



The RECON RANGER is our flagship electric mountain bike. With ebikes, you can choose to pedal or use the power assist features, which pedals for you instead. Electric bikes have motors that run off rechargeable battery power. Power-assist ebikes allow you to decide when you need assistance or not. Primarily designed to be pedaled, you’ll go farther with less work with an electric mountain bike. The RECON RANGER offers 4″ tires with puncture protection, ultra comfortable seat, 48-volt batteries, and hydraulic heavy-duty disc brakes. In short, this bike is built to take you where you need to go. Order yours today!


Our RECON COMMANDO ebike features a 750 watt hub motor that is powered by a 48-volt lithium ion battery. With a Shimano drivetrain and a color LCD control panel, you’ll be in for a smooth ride indeed. You can conquer the toughest trails and go where you previously couldn’t with the help of the motor on this electric mountain bike. Experience the world like never before, and order this all-terrain ebike today!


If you’ve been looking to explore the beautiful backcountry where you live or to travel to places and bike, then the RECON STRYKER AWD ebike is for you. This all-terrain electric mountain bike offers the 4″ fat tires for superb traction even in muddy conditions. This electric bike can handle the toughest terrain, and you can use the all-wheel drive setting on steep or loose terrain. If you’ve dreamed of biking to remote locations, or you are looking for the best hunting electric bike, then order the RECON STRYKER AWD today!


RECON Power Bikes offers our RECON SORTIE for those looking for a great, all-around ebike. Featuring a step-through ebike design, this electric bike comes with a 750 watt rear hub motor and is powered by a 48 volt lithium ion battery. Electric bikes handle just like a regular bike. Designed to help you develop endurance so you can bike longer, you are in charge of when you use the motor. This electric-powered bike allows you to ride in a sitting up posture for casual comfort and ease. If you are thinking about the best ebikes, consider our RECON SORTIE, and order today!


The RECON SCOUT is our folding ebike that is super portable and can fit in the trunk of most cars. This folding electric bike is convenient and allows you to take your ebike with you wherever you go. Great for apartment and condo dwellers, this folding ebike takes up little space when not in use. Featuring a 500 watt motor, mag wheels, and front suspension, this lightweight folding bike is ready for the road when you are. Easy to fold, store, carry, and assemble, you’ll love everything about this folding electric bike. Order your RECON SCOUT online today!


Electric bikes are taking the world by storm due to all of their benefits. First and foremost, they are still bikes, meaning you’ll get a great workout on them no matter where you go. Next, you’ll be able to go further and explore more places with the power-assist option, so you don’t gas yourself going up hills and down valleys repeatedly. You are also helping to reduce your carbon footprint by taking your ebike instead of driving to places. Electric mountain bikes are great for people recovering from an injury and are just now becoming active again.

There’s no place these electric bikes cannot go. They are gaining popularity as hunting and fishing bikes, as they make less noise and can reach hard-to-get-to places. Electric mountain bikes are great to pack with you when you RV or camp. Let’s admit it, it’s super nice to have a bike while you are traveling. Plus, ebikes are allowed in national parks and on public lands, so you can explore both near and far.

RECON Power Bikes offers the best ebikes and electric mountain bikes. We offer free shipping on all of our ebikes, including our folding electric bike, the RECON SCOUT, and we offer 0% financing for those who qualify. If you are looking for something to keep you active or a great gift for someone you love, consider one of our ebikes today!

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