What to Pack on an Ebike Vacation

Summer is in full swing, and odds are, you've got vacation plans. If you are planning on taking an ebike vacation or taking your electric mountain bike on vacation with you, there are definitely some items you should pack that will make your trip more enjoyable.

RECON Power Bikes offers the best electric mountain bikes for your use. Whether you are law enforcement or you are just looking to go further while biking, our electric assist mountain bikes are for you. Below, we'll go over some tips on what to pack for an ebike vacation. Browse our best mountain ebikes online, and order today!


Comfortable and All-Weather Clothing

It's important to be prepared while on a bike for hours. One of the best things that adds to your comfort is clothing. You'll want to pack lightweight clothing, but also some warm clothes, too, as the weather can always change. This is especially true if you are taking an ebike vacation during the spring or fall. Don't forget the rain gear!

Bike Gear

Your helmet is perhaps the most important piece of bike gear you don't want to forget. You still have to be safe even while on vacation, so your bike helmet, gloves, sunglasses, and the proper riding shoes all play a part in ensuring you can enjoy the sites, but not get injured doing so. Don't forget the sunscreen and lots of water when you go adventuring!

Rack Bag

You're probably going to want to bring items with you, especially if you are going for a long ride. A Rack Bag from RECON Power Bikes is essential to carry not only your extra clothes, but also your food, water, sunscreen, and other much-needed (and wanted) items, such as your cell phone. Plus, if you stop and pick up souvenirs, you'll have a handy place to put them.

Solar Charger

Since your electric bike is electric, you don't want to run out of battery while out and about in an unfamiliar location. RECON Power Bikes' RECON Pannier Bag Solar Charger fits nicely on your electric mountain bike while riding. You can also use this to charge your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices. Order yours today!


Our mission is to provide you with top-rated ebikes that you can use at home or on vacation that will bring value to your life. From being outdoors and having the ability to go further to getting in your daily dose of exercise, our electric mountain bikes provide many benefits, as well as fun, for you and your loved ones. Our ebikes are easy to pack, especially our folding electric bike, and you can choose from a variety of styles and colors to meet your needs.

RECON Power Bikes is proud to serve the military, police, municipalities, and everyday citizens with our top-rated electric mountain bikes. Shop our entire selection, as well as our ebike accessories, online today!